About Us


The name "Fliegauf" first appeared in Washington on July 31, 1926, when Oscar Fliegauf, father of Arthur E. Fliegauf, opened a jewelry store at 18 West Washington Avenue.

Oscar, born in Baden, Germany in 1879, operated a jewelry store in Flemington before coming to Washington. He learned the watch making trade in Germany as a boy, and after working aboard a transatlantic ship for several years, immigrated to the United States in 1899. Following a number of years of working for other people, including Wiss' in Newark, he opened his first jewelry store in 1914 in Irvington. From Irvington, he moved to Flemington in 1919, and from there to Washington.

Dr. Fliegauf operated the present jewelry store until 1944, when his son Arthur purchased the business. Dr. Fliegauf then entered the optometry profession exclusively in Washington, until 1959, when he retired

Arthur E. Fliegauf operated the store from 1944, before which he worked for his father since the store's inception. Arthur resided in Brass Castle with his wife Evelyn. His son, Roy Fliegauf, joined the staff in 1965, shortly after his graduation from Rutgers University,  Roy officially retired from the jewelry business in 2013 and sold the store to his nephew Greg Fliegauf, who joined the staff in 1997 after graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Fliegauf Jewelers has been operated continuously since 1926 in Washington by four generations of the same family, and in some cases, has been dealing with the same supplying and wholesaling firms for eighty years.


 Jewelry Repair

Fliegauf Jewelers takes pride in our quality repair service. If you are not happy with a repair we have performed, we are not happy. Our on site repairman can size rings, repair broken chains, as well as more complicated repairs. And our off-site repairman will set your stones and rebuild the worn or broken prongs that hold your stones secure. If you have any worries about leaving your diamond here for repair, we will gladly map out your diamond's unique identifying marks under a microscope before and after the repair, to assure you that the diamond you gave us is the diamond you will get back.

Ear Piercing
No appointment necessary.  We will pierce both ears at the same time.  Includes surgical steel starter earrings and cleaner.  Price is only $20 for both ears.


Fliegauf Jewelers also does in-house engraving on most metal objects. Sorry, we cannot engrave glass or crystal, but if we can hold your metal item in our machine, we can engrave it. Price for engraving items not purchased from our store is $0.50 per letter with a $10 minimum charge. Price for engraving any piece purchased from our store is $0.25 per letter with a $5 minimum charge.


It seems that everyone who comes into our store has a different definition of what an appraisal is. Here is a list of the types of appraisal services our store offers:

   •     Insurance Appraisal - This is the most detailed type of appraisal. It involves mapping out inclusions on all diamonds over 1/2 carat. Minimum charge is $40.

   •     Update Appraisal - If you have an old insurance appraisal, we can update is to the current replacement value. Minimum charge is $20.

   •     Fair Market Value Appraisal - This type of appraisal evaluates how much that one may anticipate receiving in a transaction between a willing buyer and a willing seller, time not being of the essence. In other words, the amount you would receive from the "highest bidder". Minimum charge is $10.

   •     Estate Appraisal - This is similar to a fair market value appraisal, but is used for evaluating merchandise transferred from an estate. Minimum charge is $40.

   •     Appraisal to Buy - this is when the customer wants to sell the jewelry to us. We will examine your jewelry and test it for gold content then make you an offer. If the offer is taken, we need a form of ID to photocopy for our records. We offer cash in the form of a check or store credit (which is more than the check offer). A daily report of items we purchase from the public is sent to the police.

   •     Comparison Appraisal - This verbal appraisal evaluates the current replacement value of merchandise. People usually request this when they want to know if they paid a fair price for jewelry bought at another store. Minimum charge is $10.

Watch Service

We change batteries in all watch brands.  We cannot guarantee water resistance once the back is opened but unless you are swimming with your watch, this is rarely an issue.  (We do not recommend swimming with your watch).  We also can supply and install new watch bands and remove links from watch bands.


We can restring your pearl or bead necklace.  Prices start at $2.00 per inch without knots, $3.00 per inch with knots.


Fliegauf Jewelers takes pride in the quality of our add-a-pearl line. If you are unfamiliar with the add-a-pearl concept, it essentially begins with the selection of a start-her� necklace usually consisting of between one and seven pearls on a gold filled chain. Whenever the need arises (birthday, graduation, or any occasion) bring your necklace into our store and we will send them out to match the color, texture and luster of your pearls. Within two weeks, you will have your pearls back and ready to give as a gift.


We will ship any item purchased in our store to any location in the continental US for a nominal fee.

Jewelry Inspection/Cleaning

This is offered free of charge. We suggest you come in to have your jewelry inspected and cleaned at least twice a year. Not only will we give your jewelry its sparkle back, but we will also check to see if any stones are loose or if anything needs repair.



What is it and how does it work?

It's simple. Any diamond bought at Fliegauf Jewelers (loose or mounted in an engagement ring) can be traded up to another diamond. We will apply the entire amount originally paid for your diamond towards the price of the new diamond. The new diamond must be at least $1.00 more than the diamond being traded up.

Any diamond not purchased at Fliegauf Jewelers can also be traded up, however we do not apply the entire amount originally paid for your diamond when it was purchased. We do offer a price that is fair to both of us.

If you would like, we will also purchase your old engagement ring mounting, but please be aware that we only pay scrap value for these items



Q. How can I purchase an item on your website?
A.  If you find an item you wish to purchase, simply click ADD TO CART or call us at the store to order. The item will be shipped to our store and you may pick up in store or we will ship to you (if picked up at store we will not charge you the shipping). Allow 2 weeks for item to arrive at our store. We have a two week return policy from the time you receive the item (cash back or store credit, less shipping charges if we ship to you). 

Q. How often should I get my jewelry checked and cleaned?
A. Every six months you should come in to have your jewelry checked for any excessive wear or damage. We will also clean your jewelry at the same time. Fliegauf's offers this service free of charge. You may bring in your jewelry for cleaning as often as you like.

Q. Can a diamond chip?
A. Yes. Even though diamonds are extremely hard, they can still be damaged from abuse. A diamond's internal structure has planes of weaknesses, which if struck along this plane, can easily be cleaved. Only a diamond can scratch another diamond, though.

Q. Can I wear my jewelry in the pool?
A. Not recommended. Chlorine is a major factor to the deterioration of gold and silver. Silver in particular can sometimes lose its bright shine if exposed to chlorine for only a few seconds.

Q. Do you do appraisals?
A. Yes.  Please let us know what type of appraisal you would like.  See above for a list of different types of appraisals.

Q. Where are you located?
A. We are located on Washington Avenue (Rt 57) in the middle of downtown Washington Borough. For directions click on "Contact Us".

Q. Do you repair jewelry?
A. Yes, we have an in-house repairman and a diamond setter that works out of his house. 

Q. Do you buy jewelry?
A. Yes. We can make you an offer while you wait if we are not too busy. All you need is to be 18, have a valid ID and a few minutes of your time. Unlike many gold buyers, we will also make an offer on the side diamonds if they are of a quality that we can use.